10,000+ Apprehended Migrants Confined Under Texas Bridge, Worsening Border Crisis

10,000+ Migrants Apprehended Under Texas' Del Rio Bridge, Worsening Border Crisis

(ReliableNews.org) – Customs and Border Patrol agents (CBP) were reported to be warehousing thousands of illegal migrants in makeshift camps under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Department of Homeland Security officials said most of the migrants hailed from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.


Del Rio’s Mayor, Bruno Lozano, confirmed that about 10,503 migrants were being held in the camp. However, Epoch Times contributor Charlotte Cuthbertson reported that roughly 20,000 more migrants were working their way north towards Texas border checkpoints.

However, perhaps the most disturbing news about the crisis came from Mayor Lozano. He told reporters that border security officials were processing most of the incoming migrants and releasing them. Aside from the usual security concerns, that means a flood of untested migrants could sweep through the United States carrying COVID-19.

Karen Olick, the chief of staff to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, abruptly resigned on Monday, September 13. Olick said she was leaving to pursue an undisclosed opportunity, but offered no other explanation for her sudden departure.

The flood of migrants at the nation’s southern border increasingly overwhelms federal agencies and resources. If the migrant crisis is not tackled swiftly and smoothly by local, state, and federal officials, the situation may be doomed to worsen in the coming weeks.

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