Putin’s Weakness EXPOSED – THOUSANDS Of Troops Wiped Out!

6k of Putin's Troops Wiped Out in Just 2 Weeks Time

6k of Putin’s Troops Wiped Out in Just 2 Weeks’ Time

(ReliableNews.org) – When Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized tens of thousands of troops to invade Ukraine, there was an expectation the smaller country would fall quickly. After all, he was able to annex Crimea in 2014 without much of a fight. The Ukrainians and their president, a former comedian, proved to be formidable opponents, and now, Putin is suffering major losses.

On Wednesday, November 30, Ukraine’s General Staff of the Armed Forces released an estimate of recent troop losses. The agency claimed from November 16 to the end of the month, more than 6,000 enemy troops died, bringing the total number of Russian casualties to an estimated 88,880.

Newsweek also estimated Putin’s military lost 75 armored personnel vehicles, 43 tanks, and 69 vehicles and fuel tanks.

In recent months, reports have indicated the Russian leader is getting so desperate for more military members he is recruiting former Afghan soldiers by offering monthly payments of $1,500 and promises of asylum. Also, he has urged incarcerated men to join his fight with promises of freedom, and he enacted a draft forcing just under 300,000 men to join the military to further his personal cause in Ukraine.

The desperation has left many wondering why Putin doesn’t just end the war.

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