“90210” Celebrity Attacked in Los Angeles

(ReliableNews.org) – There are few ‘90s shows that were more iconic than “Beverly Hills, 90210.” For a decade, the show made viewers laugh and cry. Recently, one of the stars of the show was attacked in Los Angeles.

On December 31, Ian Ziering, who played Steve on the show, was in Los Angeles when a group of people on mini-bikes rode past him while he was in his SUV, a video published by TMZ shows. Two of the bikers stopped in front of his vehicle. An exchange of words took place, and Ziering is seen pushing one of the bikers.

An altercation broke out after the actor shoved the biker, and the group jumped him. The 59-year-old held his own and managed to fend off the attackers, before finally breaking free and running. TMZ reported the altercation ended with Ziering driving away from the scene.

Law enforcement officials reported they were aware of the incident. A report later listed the actor as one of the victims.

Ziering released a statement on Instagram about the fight. He said he “experienced an alarming incident” while in traffic. He accused one of the mini-bikers of approaching his car aggressively. The actor explained that he got out of his SUV to see if there was any damage to his vehicle but that the disagreement then “escalated into a physical altercation.”

The actor said that his daughter was with him, but the two of them made it out of the incident “completely unscathed.” However, he expressed that he was “deeply concerned about the growing boldness” of groups like that disrupting public safety. Further, Ziering claimed he believes law enforcement needs to be more effective at handling the “larger issue of hooliganism.” He said it was “unacceptable” that criminals can cause “fear and chaos” without a sufficient response from the police.

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