9K Former Military Answer the Call

9K Former Military Answer the Call

(ReliableNews.org) – Medical facilities are sounding the alarm as COVID-19 is stretching resources, leaving doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals exhausted. Now the military is stepping up to help.

The Army Times is reporting the US Army sent emails to over 800,000 former soldiers with medical training asking if they would help with the coronavirus outbreak. More than 9,000 ex-servicemembers responded.

Army Surgeon General, Lt. Gen. Scott Dingle, said the former soldiers will go through a certification process then be sent to medical facilities across the country. It’s unclear if they’ll go to hospitals run by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) or civilian hospitals.

Soldiers may leave the military, but they never stop serving their country. These vets are once again showing the world that the US military is the best in the world because of the people who serve.

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