Actor Matthew McConaughey Considering a Bid for Texas Governor

Actor Matthew McConaughey Considering a Bid for Texas Governor

( – Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott could find himself facing some interesting competition during his upcoming reelection bid. Former U.S. Representative Beto O’Rourke recently told reporters it’s no great secret that he’s considering a run against Abbott in 2022. However, the news that Hollywood film actor Matthew McConaughey is still considering a run for governor is dominating the news cycle this weekend and not the failed former presidential candidate.

McConaughey has been tossing around the idea of running for about a year. On Tuesday, September 21, he told the “Set It Straight: Myths and Legends” podcast host he considered himself a sort of “folksy philosopher, poet statesman,” which he thinks should disqualify him for office. Then again, he said, perhaps that’s precisely why he should. Maybe it is time for a redefinition of politicians, he said.

Recent polling shows that McConaughey stands a chance of beating Abbott if the election were held today. Currently, he leads the governor by a margin of 44 percent to 35 percent. In April, McConaughey led Abbott by 12 points, proving he could sustain popularity, at least in the short term.

It remains unclear whether McConaughey would run as a Democrat or a Republican should he join the race. He describes himself as “aggressively centric” and doesn’t self-identify with either party.

Who do you think would win if McConaughey, Abbott, and O’Rourke each ran for governor?

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