Actress from ‘Mary Poppins’ Passes Away at Age 100

( – Hollywood is going to need a spoonful of sugar to deal with the latest death in the industry. Glynis Johns, who starred in “Mary Poppins” has passed away at the age of 100.

Johns’ career spanned eight decades and two continents. She passed away at an assisted living facility in Los Angeles, California, on January 4. The actress was born in 1923 in Pretoria, South Africa. Her father was Mervyn Johns, a Welsh actor who became famous during WWII. Her Australian mother, Alyce Steele-Wareham, was a concert pianist.

The actress studied ballet as a child. At the age of 10, she earned a degree to teach dance. By the time she was 12, she had earned 25 gold medals, and when she was 13, she starred in “South Riding,” her first film. She starred in several more roles as a child, then landed her first adult role in the movie “49th Parallel.” When she was 19 years old, she became the youngest person to star in the lead role in the theatrical production of “Peter Pan.”

Johns had starred in dozens of productions by 1964 when she landed the role of Winifred Banks in “Mary Poppins.” She was the slightly neglectful mother whose nanny, Mary Poppins, came in to help out.

Johns was in the musical “A Little Night Music” and won a Tony Award for her performance in 1973. In 1994, she starred in “The Ref” with actor Kevin Spacey. In 1995, she acted alongside Sandra Bullock in “While You Were Sleeping,” which turned into a massive hit. In 1999, Johns’ last acting role was in the film “Superstar” with Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon.

Johns was popular in films in the United Kingdom and the United States. She was married four times in her life and had one child, Gareth Forwood. He was an actor like his mother and grandfather. He passed away in 2007 from cancer.

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