Ad Campaign Targets Biden and CDC Corruption

Ad Campaign Targets Biden and CDC Corruption

( – In March, the CDC updated its website with the latest data from schools. The health organization admitted that there is “limited spread inside schools” where there have been cases of the virus. Two months later, President Joe Biden’s administration hasn’t made reopening schools a top priority and a new ad campaign makes shocking allegations about why that is.

Americans for Public Trust (APT) has launched a $1 million ad campaign alleging that Biden colluded with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) to delay school reopenings. The allegations come after it was revealed that the CDC and Biden communicated with the educators’ union about opening schools.

A voice-over in the ad says America knows “schools are safe” but the president and CDC “secretly worked with the teachers’ unions to keep schools closed.”

The ad also slams the president for allowing “top operatives who ran dark money groups” to work in the White House. President Biden promised that he was going to listen to science, but four months into his presidency he has already failed to keep his word.

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