Afghanistan Claims It Killed Al Qaeda Leader Wanted By FBI

( – In December 2018, prosecutors with the Southern District of New York filed an arrest warrant for Husam Abd al-Rauf, also known as Abu Muhsin al-Masri. Shortly after, the FBI added him to its Most Wanted list. Afghanistan officials are claiming the al-Qaeda terrorist is dead.

On October 25, Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security intelligence service claimed its military carried out a mission in the eastern part of the country that killed al-Rauf. The raid is said to have taken place in Kunsaf, about 90 miles away from Kabul, last week.

Some reports claim the Taliban was protecting al-Rauf. If proven, that revelation could destroy the fragile peace talks in the country. The Taliban’s deal with the US explicitly prohibits the organization from cooperating “with groups or individuals” that threaten America or its allies.

US and NATO officials have not confirmed al-Rauf’s death.

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