Ahmaud Arbery Murder Case Continues – Men Facing Trial

Ahmaud Arbery Murder Case Continues - Men Facing Trial

(ReliableNews.org) – In February 2020, Ahmaud Arbery reportedly went out for a run in his Georgia neighborhood. Three men allegedly pursued the 25-year-old while he was jogging, and an altercation involving the men left Arbery dead. Now, the men are facing trial.

Jury selection in the Arbery case began on October 18 in Glynn County. Prosecutors charged Willian “Roddie” Bryan Jr., Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael with malice and felony murder. The three have pleaded not guilty. According to reports, the court summoned 600 potential jurors to appear on the first day, and 400 others will appear in a week. The prosecution and defense teams spent hours questioning the first panel of 20 jurors and dismissed 8 of them. On Tuesday, they questioned more jurors about their participation in Black Lives Matter protests.

The McMichaels (father and son) said they tried to place Arbery under citizens’ arrest that fateful day. Bryan, who recorded the incident, allegedly hit Arbery with his truck. Travis McMichael, the son, shot him with his shotgun and is claiming self-defense.

In addition to state charges, the Department of Justice announced federal hate crimes charges against the men. They have also pleaded not guilty to those charges.

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