Airline Passengers Endure Maggot Infestation

( – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) posts a list of everything travelers can and cannot bring with them on an airplane. The list indicates whether people can pack certain items in checked bags and those allowed in carry-ons brought inside the cabin. Meat and seafood are allowed in both with restrictions, and a plane full of passengers recently discovered one reason for the rules.

On February 14, the Daily Mail reported that a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit had to turn around after it was discovered that maggots were falling from the overhead cabin onto passengers. One of the suitcases stored in the area above the seats contained fish that was not packaged properly. It spoiled and the suitcase broke open, releasing the wiggling larvae onto the unsuspecting travelers down below.

After the plane returned to Schiphol and the passengers left, the airline cleaned the cabin completely and the suitcase was placed in a bag and was to be burned. One of the passengers told the Daily Mail that Delta identified the traveler who brought the suitcase on board and detained them in the cabin while the other travelers deplaned. It’s unclear whether that person faced any consequences for the incident. Instead of being packed with ice or ice packs, the fish was reportedly wrapped in newspaper with no way to keep it cool.

According to the New York Post, the person giving all the information to the news outlets, Kelce, posted about the incident on social media. They said in the since-deleted communication how “lovely” it was to be two hours into an eight-hour flight to discover that “maggots [were] hitching a ride” across the pond.

The travelers who were inconvenienced were given hotel compensation, money for a meal, and 8,000 free air miles, according to one of the passengers affected. It’s unclear how long they had to wait to return to America.

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