Alan Dershowitz Makes Bold Claim About Rudy Giuliani’s Suspension

( – On Thursday, June 24, a New York appellate court suspended Rudy Giuliani’s law license. The court accused the 45th President Donald Trump’s former attorney of being a danger to the country, lying to the courts, and said its decision is pending further action by the Attorney Grievance Committee. Constitutional Attorney Alan Dershowitz spoke out against the decision after it was handed down. 

Dershowitz spoke to Newsmax’s “Saturday Report” about the suspension. He said that he has taught “legal ethics for 35 years at Harvard” and he’s never seen a case like Giuliani’s. He believes that the former NYC mayor will eventually win the case to have his law license reinstated because it was suspended without due process. The constitutional law expert explained that the court did not give Giuliani the opportunity to refute the claims that he was lying or prove that if he was lying that it was done intentionally. 

According to Dershowitz, he thinks the Supreme Court could ultimately decide whether Giuliani can practice law or not. But he said it might not even get that far because the reasoning was “so vague.” He pointed out that if the courts start holding attorneys responsible for everything they say, there would be “no lawyers left.”

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