Alleged Murderer Killed by Cellmate in Texas Prison

( – In 2022, two Texas judges told Billy Chemirmir he would have to spend the rest of his life in prison for the murders of two women. He was also charged in the deaths of 20 others. What nobody expected was that his life would end so soon.

On September 19, a spokesperson with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced Chemirmir’s death. He was found dead in his prison cell. Authorities didn’t name the prisoner who they believe killed the suspected serial killer.

According to reports, Chemirmir’s cellmate allegedly stabbed and beat him because he insulted his family. Officials are not commenting on the details surrounding his death. Phillip Hayes, the murderer’s lawyer, told local news that it doesn’t matter what people think, “no one deserves to be murdered in prison.”

In October 2022, Chemirmir was found guilty of capital murder for the killing of 87-year-old Mary Brooks. He was later found guilty of the killing of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris. The convicted murderer was accused of dressing up as a maintenance worker to gain access to senior homes. Then he would allegedly suffocate his elderly female victims and steal their valuables.

At first, authorities believed the women died of natural causes. Then one of the women survived an attack and the police started investigating. Eventually, they linked Chemirmir to the deaths of the other women.

The family members of some of those women issued statements after Chemirmir died. Doris Gleason was killed when she was 92 years old. Her daughter, Shannon Dion, participated in a press conference after the killer died and said part of her family’s nightmare was over now that he was dead. While it wasn’t justice through the system, it was “a form of justice” and she said she felt “he didn’t get off easily.”

Dan Probst’s 89-year-old aunt, Catherine Sinclair, was also one of the women killed. He called Chemirmir’s death “a huge surprise” but said he doesn’t know if he is “happy or sad” because their families have been through so much.

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