Amanda Knox in Italy to Clear Her Name

( – Amanda Knox, a US citizen who was arrested in Italy in 2007 for the alleged murder of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, is returning to Italy once more to clear her name. A judge overturned her murder conviction in 2011 after faulty DNA evidence was thrown out, leading to new appeals that ultimately expunged the charges against her. She still faces slander allegations over her accusations that she received unfair treatment in jail, but she’s determined to set the record straight.

Knox took her story to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, to share that the very worst moment of her life wasn’t when the Italian jury gave their initial guilty verdict. It was actually when the foreign police interrogated her, insistent she’d participated in Kercher’s brutal rape and murder. She said her Italian was maybe at a 10-year-old speaking level, adding that her interrogators repeatedly lied to her and insisted she had amnesia over the horrifying event, claiming they had witnesses backing the narrative that she had been there.

Investigators had latched onto a text message Knox sent to her boss, bar owner Patrick Lumumba, in which she wrote, “Ci vediamo più tardi. Buona serata.” The direct translation is “See you later. Good night.” Police insisted the message was to set up a meeting, reports Daily Wire, and the officials allegedly drilled Knox — threatening and slapping her — until she caved and implicated Lumumba as the killer. Her claims led to charges of slandering the police. A court overturned the subsequent conviction, ordering a new trial. She will have to return to Florence once more to clear her name for good.

Knox spent three years in an Italian prison before she was able to fully overturn her initial convictions. The actual murderer, Rudy Guede, served 13 years, and although police now believe he acted alone, they had tried to implicate Knox because her DNA had been at the scene. Knox had insisted she’d had Kercher’s blood on her because she’d rushed to her dying friend’s aid in an attempt to save the woman’s life.

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