Amazon Slammed for Selling Anti-Cop Apparel

( – The nation’s law enforcement officers and agencies have had a rough time this past year. Nationwide protests challenged peace officers as they tried to do their jobs and maintain law and order. “Defund the Police” became a rallying cry for Black Lives Matter activists and other leftists.

Amazon decided to jump into the fray by allowing the sale of “Blue Lives Murder” merchandise on its platform. That action didn’t sit well with former police Lt. Randy Sutton. He sat down with Fox & Friends on June 1 to discuss Amazon’s decision.

As Sutton explained, Amazon’s action is sending a clear message to law enforcement officers that it doesn’t care about them. According to him, Amazon only cares about the “agenda on the Left.” He also said that Amazon’s sale of “Blue Lives Murder” merchandise feeds into the Left’s strategy to defund, demoralize and dehumanize the police.

Here’s the thing, many of the people who call for the dismantling of the nation’s police departments are the first ones to call them when something goes wrong. Ask Atlanta city council member Antonio Brown about that. He voted to defund the police earlier this year and ended up calling them last week when his Mercedes coupe was stolen in broad daylight.

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