Amazon Suspends Political Donations To Republicans Who Voted Against Election Certification

( – Once a nation proud of its diversity of vision, America is increasingly a nation turning on itself, at least if liberals get their way. The bitterly disputed 2020 presidential election has seen a rise in efforts by liberal elements to seize control of the national dialogue and political arena.

Facebook and Twitter suspended President Donald Trump’s accounts. Other big-tech companies like Google and Apple targeted the conservative social media platform Parler. Amazon followed up by canceling its hosting services for Parler with little warning, driving it off the internet — at least for now.

The Washington Post, owned by Amazon, has also taken vengeance against conservatives. The media giant announced its decision to suspend political donations to any Republican who voted against the Electoral College ballot certifications, on January 6, 2021.

Several liberal-led companies behaved like rats this week. They revealed themselves when they made efforts to manipulate conservative elected officials by cutting off their ability to raise enough money to be heard above the roar of angry leftist politicos. Perhaps it’s time for conservative politicians to push back for a level playing field. American freedom and democracy demand nothing less.

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