Americans Are Worried about a “Nuclear 9/11” Event

Americans Are Worried about a

( – On May 31, All Israel News editor Joel Rosenberg wrote an article highlighting the United States’ issues at the southern border. He quoted former President Donald Trump’s promise to end automatic citizenship for children of illegal immigrants born in America as a partial solution to the problem. Rosenberg also highlighted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) move of sending National Guard troops to Texas to assist in keeping migrants out of the country.

After commenting on the crisis currently happening in America, the writer introduced an exclusive poll completed by McLaughlin & Associates in early May. The first question asked if those surveyed were worried that terrorists from the Middle East would slip through the Mexican border and launch a “nuclear 9/11” attack with “dirty” bombs. According to the news source, the poll said 46% of those asked said they were concerned terrorists would slip through and attack, while an additional 20% said they were scared of the dirty bomb scenario.

The poll singled out Evangelical Christians, who appeared to be more concerned than other Americans about terrorists slipping through the Mexican border. An alarming 79.1% of that demographic of pollsters worry about nefarious perpetrators invading the US through the border and attacking America from the inside.

Throughout the article, citing the exclusive poll, Rosenberg didn’t share how many people were included in the survey, their complete demographic makeup, or political affiliations. The editor also didn’t reveal any other questions asked during the poll, the margin of error, or provide a link to the questionnaire itself.

On June 2, All Israel News shared one other question from the survey, which asked if those surveyed believed President Joe Biden was fulfilling his constitutional duty in protecting the US and its people from “invasion.” According to Rosenberg, who also wrote the second article, 60% of the pollsters answered no. This time, he revealed a demographic, stating 88% of Republicans, 25% of Democrats, and 60% of Independents said no to the question.

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