America’s Cities Under Siege

America's Cities Under Siege

( – Violence has been sweeping across the US in cities primarily run by Liberals. New York City is seeing an increase in shootings. Portland has spent nearly two months battling rioters. Chicago is living up to its “Chiraq” nickname. And, at the center of it, President Donald Trump is trying to restore law and order.

A President Responds

Federal law enforcement officers have responded to multiple cities in an attempt to support local police. Agents with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were arresting rioters in Portland recently, and it led to outrage by Democrats who claimed fascism has come to America.

On July 22, unfettered by the criticism, Trump announced he was going to send even more federal agents in Chicago, Albuquerque, and Kansas City in an operation separate from the one in Portland. The law and order president said his goal is to help local officials get their cities under control by supporting the police. After all, it’s ultimately the president’s job to make sure the people of his country are as safe as he can make them. Surges in violence is the exact opposite of that.

Cities Threaten Authorities

Instead of being grateful for the help they desperately need and the president is giving them, some Democratic officials are losing their minds.

Portland officials told the federal government they must remove barriers they “illegally” installed or they’ll be fined for the alleged hazards. According to the letter from the Portland Bureau of Transportation, the Trump administration’s law enforcement officers are in violation of the “City Code and Transportation Administration Rules.”

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner went even further and said Trump is “acting like an authoritarian dictator…” and said agents would face arrest if they enter his city.

Meanwhile, as the city officials threaten the president and his administration, they’re living in war zones because they don’t know how to enforce the law.

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