America’s Plan Moving Forward

America's Plan Moving Forward

( – President Donald Trump announced his plan to reopen the country at the April 16 COVID-19 press conference. The commander-in-chief consulted with economic and health leaders before speaking to the public. His decision comes as a relief to some Americans who are ready to return to normalcy.

At the press conference, Trump said the three-phase plan will allow states to decide when they feel it’s safe to relax their current guidelines. The country has been at a standstill for weeks as governors and the federal government tried to slow the progression of the coronavirus.

That didn’t stop Democrats like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from criticizing the guidelines. She released a statement calling his plan “vague and inconsistent.” The president, however, has made it clear he doesn’t want states to open if they aren’t ready. So, it’s unclear why the speaker has an issue.

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