Ammunition Found at Alec Baldwin Shooting Scene

Ammunition Found at Alec Baldwin Shooting Scene

( – Actor Alec Baldwin fired a gun on October 21 while rehearsing a scene on the set of “Rust.” Unfortunately, the gun had a live round in the chamber, and the shot killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza. Although the gun was supposed to be cold, meaning unloaded, it apparently was not. The fatal bullet wasn’t the only live ammunition on the movie set.

According to reports, police searched the set after the fatal shooting. They found 500 rounds of ammunition, and they believe some are live rounds. The authorities also recovered three guns. The guns and ammo were all sent to an FBI crime lab for further analysis.

In addition to finding the live rounds, detective Alexandria Hancock revealed she interviewed first assistant director David Halls, who said he didn’t check all of the guns on the set. Witness accounts from the day of the shooting allege Halls yelled “cold gun” before handing it to Baldwin, letting the actor know the gun was empty.

If law enforcement’s assessment is correct and the ammunition found during the search was live, it directly contradicts armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed’s claims to detective Hancock the set never had live ammo on it. Investigators are continuing to look into the shooting. Authorities have not ruled out charges in the case.

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