Anarchists Set Fire to Car Near Democrat’s House

( – Portland, Oregon, is known for having a large population of far-Left agitators. During the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, the northwestern city was under siege for weeks. Recently, anarchists claimed responsibility for burning a car.

On January 12, individuals set a car on fire outside of Portland Commissioner Rene Gonzalez’s home in the Eastmoreland neighborhood of southeast Portland. Authorities told Oregon Live that a neighbor called Gonzalez’s wife in the middle of the night to let her know the car was on fire. The commissioner told authorities that he tried to use his garden hose to put the fire out while his wife called 911.

Firefighters arrived at the house after 1:34 a.m. and found a 2024 Honda Accord on fire. Authorities put the blaze out, but it was destroyed. Investigators responded to the scene and said it appeared the fire was set intentionally.

Three days after the fire, on January 15, a local blog published a call to action for so-called anarchists. The group claimed responsibility for setting the car on fie, saying it was an “act of community self-defense.” The post reportedly said the person’s only mistake was that they didn’t set the other cars at the commissioner’s home on fire.

The commissioner is a Democrat who is currently running for mayor. Fox News reported he is frequently targeted by vandals and has called himself a law and order supporter. The windows at his campaign headquarters have been smashed several times.

People on the far left don’t like the commissioner because he has voted to prohibit the city from handing out tents and tarps to homeless people. Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said the vandalism at the commissioner’s home was “political vandalism” and said the city won’t tolerate “illegal coercion.” He vowed to prosecute those responsible.

Gonzalez said the incident was “upsetting” to his family, and he will be increasing security around his home.

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