Andrew Cuomo Asked To Resign By Mayor

( – Under ordinary circumstances, running an entire state is difficult, especially one with nearly 20 million people like New York. It seems Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has made it even more difficult. He has been immersed in multiple scandals for months. In fact, every time one of them dies down, it seems another one pops up.

Recently, one of the top Democrats in New York called for Cuomo to resign…again.

Neverending Scandals

During an interview on April 29 with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted Cuomo. The Democrat said that he doesn’t think the governor can continue to lead the state when there are so many allegations of wrongdoing against him.

In recent months, Cuomo has been accused by his Democratic attorney general of covering up the number of nursing home deaths in the state. In March 2020, he ordered the homes to take COVID-19 positive patients and many people think that’s the reason for so many people dying in the facilities.

As he was grappling with how to handle that probe, multiple women came forward and said he made sexually charged comments to them, one even said he kissed her. On April 26, Cuomo once again denied ever doing anything inappropriate.

Then there were the accusations that Cuomo arranged for his friends and family to receive COVID-19 tests when they were in short supply and used government resources to rush the results through. That’s not all, he is also facing allegations that he allowed members of his staff to violate ethics rules by helping him write his book.

De Blasio is Fed Up

During the interview, the mayor mentioned all of the scandals and then said that they never seem to end. He explained that he has been saying Cuomo should resign for months and “he just has to go.” The scandals continue to pile up and at a certain point; doesn’t Cuomo owe it to his constituents to allow someone who isn’t constantly distracted to run the state?

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