Andrew Cuomo Resigns Following Months of Scandals

Andrew Cuomo Resigns Following Months of Scandals

( – Dubbed “America’s governor” for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, New York’s Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo’s political career abruptly started its final dive during a disjointed press conference.

On Tuesday, August 10, Cuomo and one of his lawyers, Rita Glavin, held a press conference to announce his resignation as governor. His announcement came in the wake of the August 3 release of a 168-page report from the New York Attorney General’s office detailing its finding in a five-month investigation into allegations Cuomo sexually harassed and assaulted numerous current and former state employees.

Glavin took up the first 38+ minutes of the press conference attempting to discredit the Attorney General’s report, point by point.

Cuomo began his portion of the press conference acknowledging the report’s contents were “outrageous” before pivoting and claiming “It was also false.” Cuomo blamed everything and everyone for the scandal but himself. Cuomo cited the generation gap, the rise of Twitter, and America’s “toxic political environment” as the culprits.

At one point, he appeared to attempt to minimize the suffering of his accusers, calling the whole affair “a distraction,” adding that being consumed with it was “the last thing the government should be doing.”

Eventually, he got to the point and announced his resignation, effective in two weeks. His Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, will take over his duties, making her New York’s first woman to serve in that post.

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