Andrew Yang Turns Presidential Campaign Into a Movement

Andrew Yang Turns Presidential Campaign Into a Movement

( – Andrew Yang was one of the most unique candidates to run in the 2020 Democratic presidential race. He ran on his flagship proposal of a universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 per month for every adult. Dubbed the Freedom Dividend, Yang quickly became known as the “Asian man who wants to give you a thousand dollars a month.”

Yang also forced other topics, like the impact automation and AI will have on the average worker, into the public discourse. Although he was always the underdog, he created a diverse and enthusiastic fan base that’s still fiercely loyal to him. Yang, under the slogan of “Humanity First,” made seven of the DNC debates and created a vast grassroots network during his presidential bid.

Humanity Forward

Now, Yang’s failed presidential campaign has just transformed into a new movement to serve as a testing ground for his unorthodox ideas on how he might go about helping America.

That movement is called “Humanity Forward.”

Yang’s new movement seems to be promoting his ideas further into the mainstream discourse through three methods:

  • Conferences to discuss his ideas
  • A podcast called “Let Yang Speak” to spread the word
  • Pitot programs to put his theory to the test

Yang’s Next Step

Humanity Forward will be based in New York and has already received $3 million for its pilot programs. Major contributors include entrepreneurs Albert Wenger and Susan Danziger, who pledged $500,000 to trial a UBI program in a yet to be determined town in New York. Daniel Negreanu, a professional poker player, chipped in $100,000 for other programs.

Andrew knew that his chances of winning the presidency were slim from the start. He looked at his campaign as more of a platform to get his message out there rather than a legitimate bid for the White House. Apparently, that platform has been wildly successful, perhaps more than he ever anticipated.

Ever since Yang dropped out, he’s been a political commentator on CNN. Additionally, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who also recently dropped out to endorse Joe Biden, reached out to Yang about a potential mayorship for New York City. Yang has yet to decide on a mayoral campaign or whether to focus on his Humanity Forward project.

The way Yang sees it, he’s a problem solver. So, for him, it’s a matter of figuring out where he believes he can do the most good. Whether or not his programs will prove to be as successful as he’s claimed throughout his presidential run remains to be seen.

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