Another DHS Official Jumping Ship Within a Week

Another DHS Official Jumping Ship Within a Week

( – President Joe Biden has faced months of criticism for many things, most recently being the fact that hundreds of thousands of immigrants have poured across the border since he took office. Republicans have been calling for action, but the administration seems incapable of solving the problem. Amid the border crisis, Department of Homeland Security officials are jumping ship.

On Tuesday, September 14, a source confirmed to The Hill that senior DHS official David Shahoulian is leaving his position. He served as the assistant secretary of border and immigration policy. The source said he is leaving his job for personal reasons, but didn’t offer any details.

Shahoulian was the second official to resign in the same week, shortly after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s Chief of Staff, Karen Olick, submitted her resignation as well. She plans to step down at the end of September. Politico reported that she is moving onto another opportunity, but didn’t say what she would be doing.

The resignations come at a time when the Biden administration needs all hands on deck to fix the ongoing problem it has created at the border. The president’s lax immigration policies are fueling a historical crisis. Vice President Kamala Harris is supposed to be in charge of fixing the problem, but she has been missing in action for months when it relates to immigration. Hopefully, Mayorkas will fill the vacancies on his team quickly and focus on cleaning up the president’s mess.

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