Another European Country Drops COVID-19 Restrictions

Another European Country Drops COVID-19 Restrictions

( – The debate over the draconian COVID-19 restrictions in the United States continues as Omicron infections remain high in many states. However, some European countries have reduced or eliminated constraints on their citizens.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen recently announced Denmark would end all coronavirus-related restrictions beginning on February 1. She told reporters, “We will say goodbye to… restrictions and welcome the life” we once knew.

The move towards lifting coronavirus-based restrictions is gradually hitting Europe as vaccination levels have reached 70% within the European Union. Moreover, as the pandemic heads into its third year, people are ready to shift from treating COVID-19 as a pandemic to an endemic disease like influenza.

The rise of the Omicron variant as the world’s primary version of coronavirus also plays a role in recent European moves towards easing restrictions. Although Omicron is highly contagious, its symptoms are much more benign than the Delta variant raising hopes the pathology of the disease itself is moving in the right direction for normalization.

Infectious disease expert and chief medical advisor to the president, Anthony Fauci, discussed the return to normal life in the United States during an interview with The Daily podcast aired on January 31. According to him, the wave of Omicron variants indicates the country could be “going in the right direction” for a return to everyday life as it existed before the pandemic.

Although he remains guarded for the moment, he said he felt the nation should start thinking about living with COVID-19 as a permanent part of life. Hopefully, he’s correct, and life can return to normal soon.

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