Another World Leader Is Taking HCQ

Another World Leader Is Taking HCQ

( – President Donald Trump shocked the press when he announced he was taking hydroxychloroquine to ward off the coronavirus. The US commander-in-chief made the decision after speaking with his White House physician. Now, another world leader has announced he, too, is taking the drug.

On May 26, President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele told reporters he’s taking HCQ. He explained he isn’t recommending it to others, but he’s personally taking it as a “prophylaxis” (a preventative med) like President Trump.

On Twitter, the Salvadoran leader said he doesn’t know if it works yet, but it’s a question worth asking. He also said he has no adverse reaction to it.

Bukele’s announcement was made at a press conference with Ronald Johnson, the US Ambassador to El Salvador. The American praised the first-term president for the way he’s handled the COVID-19 crisis in his country. He’s received a lot of criticism from people who believe he’s been too strict and even for the way he’s taken control of gang members in the country’s prisons. Regardless of what critics think, his latest decision may save his life.

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