Anti-Trump Group Founder Calls For Shut Down Amid Allegations

( – The Lincoln Project was one of the most prominent organizations during the 2020 election. A group of anti-Donald Trump RINOs founded the group to defeat him and elect Joe Biden. Now, everything is falling apart, and one of its founders wants it shut down.

On February 16, George Conway called for the Lincoln Project’s shut down after allegations of sexual misconduct emerged against co-founder John Weaver. Conway, former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s husband, retweeted a remark by another adviser to the Project, demanding it cease operations.

Twenty-one men have said Weaver sexually harassed them. Two of the accusers are underage teenagers, one as young as age 14.

There are also questions about whether the group enriched itself with the donations it brought in. Ironically, this is the same organization that spent months calling Trump corrupt. It’s starting to look like they were just projecting their own bad deeds onto him. Isn’t it time they stopped?

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