Anti-Trump Shooter Who Killed Trump Supporter Will Plead Self-Defense

( On Saturday, October 10, President Donald Trump supporters held a “Patriot Rally,” at the Civic Center in Denver, CO. By the end of the day, rally goer Lee Keltner, 49, was dead. Now, his alleged murderer is claiming self-defense.

Suspect Matthew Robert Dolloff, a 30-year-old security guard, claims he shot Keltner in self-defense. His attorney, Doug Richards, said Dolloff fired his weapon after the deceased allegedly reached into his shirt.

The crowd caught the shooting on video, and police are holding Dolloff on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Dolloff has a long history of far-Left activism. Law enforcement revealed he was hired as security for 9News staff but wasn’t licensed to do the job. That leads one to wonder why he was there at all. Was he hoping to provoke a confrontation with the president’s supporters?

This is not the first shooting of one of Trump’s supporters this year. Another was allegedly murdered in Oregon earlier this summer by a member of Antifa. Two dead bodies and the violence from members of the radical groups continues.

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