AOC Lies, CNN Lets It Slide

AOC Lies, CNN Lets It Slide

( – During a crisis, and really any time, the American people have the right to honesty from the media and their lawmakers. It appears CNN’s Jake Tapper and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) didn’t get the memo.

During a March 22 appearance on “State of the Union,” AOC lied and said President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax. The claim was already debunked by fact-checkers before her interview on the show, but Tapper allowed the congresswoman to spread fake news. The CNN host then defended himself on Twitter when Abigail Marone, a Trump Campaign staffer, called him out.

It’s disappointing, but definitely not surprising this was allowed to go unchecked on CNN.

What’s more alarming are the lies from AOC. As a US congresswoman, she has an obligation to keep Americans calm and state the facts. Lying about the President of the United States at a time like this is not only dangerous, it’s unpatriotic.

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