AOC Touts ‘Tax The Rich’

AOC Touts 'Tax The Rich'
AOC Touts 'Tax The Rich'

( – Monday’s Met Gala was anything but boring — entertainment’s biggest fashion designers were found mingling with some of the most wealthy, and some of the most famous. Everyone in attendance was handpicked by Vogue editor Anna Wintour and her team. But the one to steal the show was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), wearing a controversial political piece that has garnered everybody’s attention.

The Democratic lawmaker turned heads when she walked the red carpet wearing a white, strapless, form-fitting dress made by designer Aurora James. The back of the dress is what drew the most attention. Scrawled across it in bright red letters was the phrase “Tax the Rich.”

The irony that the congresswoman wore a dress demanding lawmakers tax wealthy Americans while attending an event that cost $30k+ per ticket (she didn’t pay) didn’t escape scrutiny. Aside from the widespread mocking, the bipartisan American Accountability Foundation (AAF) filed an ethics complaint against her.

AOC claimed she attended the event because she is an elected official in New York City and fights for money for the arts in her position. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Museum of Art said she was a “guest of the museum.”

The AAF argued that AOC wasn’t acting in her official capacity while at the event. Instead, the ethics watchdog accused her of accepting an “impermissible gift” and called for an investigation. It’s unclear whether the House will actually investigate the congresswoman.

AOC hasn’t responded to the complaint.

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