Are the Unvaccinated Really to Blame for Spike in COVID Cases?

Are the Unvaccinated Really to Blame for Spike in COVID Cases?

( – American Democrats and like-minded leaders worldwide have been pushing vaccines on citizens. Many European countries have high vaccination rates, but COVID-19 is still spreading. Some leaders have responded by implementing lockdowns impacting only unvaccinated individuals, but critics are wondering why.

In the US, CDC officials and President Joe Biden’s administration have blamed the unvaccinated for the spikes in COVID-19. The Austrian government is so sure the unvaccinated portion of the population is the problem it has ordered them to stay home. Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg claimed it wasn’t to punish people but rather to stop vaccinated people from being “held hostage” by those who haven’t received the jab.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced restrictions for those who have not received inoculations as well. Greece, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore all have restrictions for those who aren’t vaccinated.

Yet, vaccinated individuals are still spreading the virus; so why is there a lockdown on only unvaccinated individuals? While it’s true those who choose not to inoculate have a higher risk of contracting the virus, they aren’t any more likely to spread it than vaccinated individuals once they get the virus. In fact, a July study showed both the vaccinated and unvaccinated were rapidly spreading the delta variant. If both groups can fall ill and spread the virus, why isolate, exclude, and ostracize only the unvaccinated?

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