Arizona Governor Fills Major Gap in Border Wall With Mexico

Arizona Governor Fills Major Gap in Border Wall With Mexico

Border State Gives Biden Admin The Middle Finger With UNEXPECTED Project

( – More than a year and a half after President Joe Biden took office, the border crisis continues to rage. Vice President Kamala Harris has done very little to solve the problem despite the POTUS handing the baton over to her. As a result, border state leaders are taking the problem into their own hands.

On August 12, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) announced he’d issued an executive order directing the state Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to fix areas of the fence along the border in Yuma. According to the conservative, the residents of the Grand Canyon State have “had enough.” He explained the president has failed to address the crisis, so now Arizonans have to “clean up their mess.”

To solve the problem at the border, the governor is going to continue building the wall the Biden administration has refused to finish. In the press release, Ducey said that by putting resources in the right places, local and federal law enforcement will be able to stop drug cartels that want to exploit Americans.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has taken similar steps to finish building the border wall for his state. Both Republicans have had to deal with tens of thousands of migrants flooding into their states and using their resources. While they try to control the problem on their own, the Biden administration has finally started to fill the gaps in the fence.

Do you agree with state leaders dealing with the border crisis?

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