Attempt Reportedly Made on Vladimir Putin’s Life With Drones

Attempt Reportedly Made on Vladimir Putin's Life With Drones

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Over the last year, the conflict has devastated the two countries. Now, reports indicate Ukraine may have tried to take out its enemy.

German newspaper Bild reported that Ukrainian forces launched a UJ-22 drone carrying more than 37 pounds of C-4 explosives on board. On April 24, Yuriy Romanenko, a Ukrainian activist, posted a message on Twitter about the armed drone, saying, “Putin, we are getting closer.” According to the social media message, the weapon was headed toward an industrial park in Rudnevo, Russia, where Putin was expected to visit.

Romanenko claimed the drone was able to bypass Russia’s air defenses before it fell out of the sky. It crashed 12 miles away from the park but didn’t explode. Sergej Sumlenny, a Ukrainian expert, told the Daily Mail that a strike against Putin is “an almost impossible action.” However, the fact that a drone made it to the area where the leader is supposed to be visiting “is a slap in the face for the Russian dictator.”

In September, rumors circulated about another alleged assassination attempt against Putin. An anonymous person posted on Telegram and claimed a motorcade carrying the Russian president suffered an attack. The poster said he survived, but the Kremlin disputed the event even took place, POLITICO reported.

Putin has long been a target of wannabe assassins. As his grip on the country became stronger, more critics wanted him dead over the years. In 2017, he told Oliver Stone that there had been at least five attempts on his life. He claimed the only reason he was still alive was because his security answered to him personally. Reports have previously alleged Putin has his own sniper team that takes out threats on his life before they have a chance to kill him.

The Ukrainian government has not commented on the latest claims about the drone.

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