Barr Confirms Agitators Traveling City to City

Barr Confirms Agitators Traveling City to City

( – There’s been a lot of speculation about how the outside rioters are affording their trips to cause unrest in cities. Reports have trickled out for months that many of the people causing the most destruction don’t even live in the places where they’re protesting. Attorney General William Barr has now confirmed the speculation is true.

During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on September 2, Barr said the DOJ is tracking agitators who are traveling from city to city to cause violence. “They are flying around the country…” the attorney general explained.

Reports of agitators traveling to create unrest were also confirmed by acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf this week. The secretary said he’d spoken to Barr about “targeting and investigating” Leftist groups that may be paying for the expenses of rioters.

While Liberal leaders allow the violence to continue, the Trump Administration is taking steps to end it. On November 3, Americans are going to have to decide if they want the president to protect and serve the country for four more years, or if they want Joe Biden’s radical agenda. It’ll be interesting to see what voters decide.

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