Barr Makes Shocking Declaration About Trump Rumors

Barr: Rumors About Trump Are

( – Leftist TV host Bill Maher has been trying to cause panic among his viewers for years by claiming President Donald Trump won’t leave the White House if he loses the election. The idea is absurd, but that didn’t stop other Liberals from jumping aboard the silly train. Attorney General Bill Barr has now spoken out against that “[email protected]

During a September 14 interview with the Chicago Tribune, journalist John Kass asked Barr about the rumors. The attorney general said Liberals are projecting. He went on, saying all of the nonsense about Trump saying in office, trying to “seize power and all that sh– is ‘[email protected]’” he’s “never heard of.”

The Left seems to want to scare the American people into thinking President Trump is some sort of dictator. Because that’s easier than putting policies forward that help people, right?

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