Barrasso Warns Against Dangers of Biden’s “Build Back Better” Plan

Barrasso Warns Against Dangers of Biden's

( – President Joe Biden and his Democratic accomplices in the House and Senate are attempting to force their so-called social infrastructure bill through by the end of the year. They claim the measure won’t impact the nation’s future economy, relying on an earlier Congressional Budget Office assessment. However, leading Republicans like Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) disagree and are speaking out about the Build Back Better Act.

On December 12, Sen. Barrasso gave Fox News host Maria Bartiromo an earful about the ill-conceived measure during an interview on her Sunday Morning Futures program. As he explained, the Democrat’s beloved infrastructure plan would quickly drive up costs for working-class Americans.

Barrasso told Bartiromo the bill would “break the back of the American people.” Continuing, he backed up his claim, stating tax experts say at least a third of the country will face increased taxes and wages that cannot possibly keep up with inflation.

Here’s the kicker. You don’t have to take Barrasso’s word for it. The Congressional Budget Office released a revised analysis of the cost of the Build Back Better Act on December 10.

The new report factored in rising inflation and projected the recently revised bill would raise the deficit by about $3 trillion for the period ending in 2031. The office’s previous analysis, which the Democrats like to promote, showed a deficit increase of only $367 billion, demonstrating the need to check figures twice.

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