Basketball Pro Kyrie Irving Returning to the Courts Despite Remaining Unvaccinated

Basketball Pro Kyrie Irving Returning To The Courts Despite Remaining Unvaccinated

( – In September 2021, the Brooklyn Nets barred Kyrie Irving from participating in team practices and playing in home and out-of-town games until he received the COVID-19 vaccine. The team based its decision on a New York City order requiring vaccinations at indoor facilities to include sports arenas. However, Kyrie recently returned to the courts after a surprise reversal by team officials.

On December 17, Nets General Manager Sean Marks announced after discussion with team officials, the organization decided to allow Irving to participate in team practices and games at all eligible venues. The team had initially opted to bar Irving from playing in all games regardless of the venue, citing concerns over team dynamics. Ironically, the reversal comes when Omicron cases are spiking, causing several players on the Nets and other teams to miss games due to positive tests.

As a result of the decision, Irving hit the court for a game against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday, January 5. News outlets reported he looked a bit rusty during the opening minutes of the game. But, he started getting warmed up by the second quarter and scored eight consecutive points.

The ban on Irving’s participation in home games remains in place until New York City officials remove their local mandate. Similarly, he cannot play at out-of-town games unless the local municipalities allow unvaccinated players to participate in sporting events.

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