Battleground Poll Shows Huge Loss for Biden

Battleground Poll Shows Huge Loss for Biden

( – Now that the off-year elections are over, the country is turning its attention to the 2022 midterms. Republicans are hoping to take control of Congress again to stop President Joe Biden’s agenda in its tracks. Recent polling shows the midterms might be the least of POTUS’ worries.

The Institute of Politics and Public Service published an October Battleground Poll showing voters aren’t happy with the president. His approval rating dropped from 53% in June to 45% last month. Further, 63% of voters said they didn’t think the country was going in the right direction. A majority, 66% of respondents, believes the economy will be worse for the next generation.

Rising inflation, supply chain problems, immigration chaos and the continuing pandemic are all weighing on American families. People from across the political spectrum are expressing doubt in Biden’s ability to lead. In June, 94% of Democrats said the president was doing a good job; now, that approval rating has fallen to 84%.

The declining approval ratings, especially within his own party, spell trouble for Biden. Not only does it show the American people are fed up with the Left’s policies, but also with him. If his own party members have doubts about his leadership, it could very well mean they don’t believe he should lead the party in 2024.

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