Beloved Actress Suzanne Somers Passes Away at the Age of 76

( – Suzanne Somers played ditzy secretary Chrissy Snow on the hit ABC show “Three’s Company” in the last 1970s and early 1980s, but she was anything but. She was one of the most successful stars on television to fight for pay equality in an era where the gender pay gap was not talked about much. Unfortunately, the actress recently passed away one day before her 77th birthday.

On October 15, Somers died at her Palm Springs, California home. Her son, Bruce, and husband, Alan Hamel, were by her side when she passed away. Somers had been fighting breast cancer since 2001 and it recently came back.

Somers began her acting career in the 1960s. In 1976, she landed the role on “Three’s Company,” alongside actor John Ritter and actress Joyce DeWitt. The three were roommates on the comedy show and were a hit. In the early 1980s, during the fifth season of the program, Somers demanded ABC increase her salary to be on par with Ritter’s. The studio refused and eventually fired her. She sued ABC but only won about $30,000.

After the show, Somers starred in a successful Las Vegas residency. She also started making exercise videos and infomercials to sell the ThighMaster, one of the most popular exercise devices of that era. She made tens of millions of dollars from her work. Fox Business reported that she said she once bought an expensive pair of high heels and thought they “made [her] legs look so good.” Somers went on to say that she was wearing her underwear at the time and asked her husband Alan if he liked the shoes. He responded, “Great legs,” and she said that became the commercial for the ThighMaster.

In 1991, Somers starred on the show “Step By Step.” She remained on the show until 1998. In addition to her acting career, she was also a popular author, writing more than two dozen books (14 of which were bestsellers).

DeWitt, who starred alongside Somers on “Three’s Company,” issued a statement saying she was “sure Suzanne was greeted by Angels” when she passed away.

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