Ben Carson Speaks Out About Critical Race Theory

( – Dr. Ben Carson rose to national prominence within conservative circles in February 2013 when he gave a highly critical speech of then-President Barack Obama at the annual National Prayer Breakfast.

A black man from Detroit, Carson has been outspoken about race relations over the years and has been particularly critical of Democratic administrations. For instance, he blasted Obama for contributing to the nation’s poor race relations in the wake of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, after the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Carson spoke out about critical race theory (CRT) during a wide-ranging interview with Newsmax TV host Eric Bolling on June 1, 2021. According to him, the theory is “a bunch of garbage.”

Asked to define CRT, Carson responded that it was an “attempt to use race as a mechanism for redefining our society.” CRT teaches people to believe that their race is the most important factor in determining who they are and their role in society.

Continuing, Carson explained that the United States is immune to destruction at the hands of its global enemies like China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia. However, it is vulnerable to destruction from within. As the Bible teaches, a house divided against itself cannot endure.

Carson concluded his remarks about CRT, stating that it’s important for people to accept their differences and not let CRT convince them that other Americans are their enemies.

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