Biden Accuses Trump of Repelling Haley Supporters

( – Although former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) won both the Washington DC and Vermont primaries, she decided to suspend her presidential campaign after Super Tuesday. Of the states Haley lost, she still earned about 30% or more of the vote in several states. Now that she’s out of the race for the time being, many wonder who will get their support.

On March 6, The Hill reported that President Joe Biden (D) addressed those voters, inviting them to back his reelection campaign. The US leader said he and Haley might disagree on many things, but they share views on some “fundamental issues” like preserving democracy, supporting NATO, and bringing Americans together once again. Biden said former President Donald Trump (R) has “made it clear” that there’s no place in his campaign for Haley supporters.

He iterated there is a solid “place for them” by his side in the 2024 presidential race, stating there’s one thing that unites all party members — “a love for America.” During his statement, Biden referred to Haley as courageous for daring to “speak the truth” about Trump when few others are afraid to do so.

Trump also made a call on his social media platform encouraging Haley voters to join his campaign instead, but the invite followed an insult to her donors — and it wasn’t the first. In January, the former president declared anyone who supported Haley was “permanently barred from the MAGA camp.” He went on to say they “don’t want them and will not accept them.” Given his previous words about Haley supporters and the insults and names he lodged against their preferred candidate, earning their favor appears to be an uphill battle — if not impossible.

Exit polls agree. The Washington Post stated that nearly 40% of voters who voted for Haley in the primary said they would vote for Biden over Trump in the general election in November.

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