Biden Admin Admit to Struggling With Border Crisis

( – When President Joe Biden took office, he immediately started reversing his predecessor’s immigration policies. The new POTUS allowed the catch-and-release program to begin again, which forces Border Patrol to release illegals into US communities after they come across the border, instead of punishing them for breaking our laws. His policies have essentially incentivized entering the country without papers.

In February, more than 100,000 illegals flowed across the border. It’s so bad that Arizona had to shut down important checkpoints. Now the Biden administration is admitting they are having trouble.

Biden’s Immigration Fiasco

On Wednesday, March 10, Ambassador Roberta Jacobson, the coordinator for the southern border, said the administration is having trouble with its messaging. She told the press that it’s hard for the team to “convey both hope in the future and the danger that is now.” She claimed the White House is trying to do that now, but said it has been tough.

A reporter asked Jacobson is the surge at the border is a result of the Biden administration’s policies. She said that she thinks that people are responding to the “hope for humane policy,” and that it may have “driven people” to make the decision to enter the country illegally.

Trump’s Legacy

Democrats spent years criticizing former President Donald Trump for his immigration policies. They said he was a xenophobe, claiming he hated migrants. The former POTUS stood firm in the face of unyielding opposition and continued pushing his America First agenda. Sure, his policies were tough and sometimes the outcome was sad, like the family separations, but the 45th president was effective. He kept the US safe while he was in office.

Biden was so intent on making himself look like a more compassionate person, that he has put the country in danger. What’s “humane” for immigrants coming to the country illegally, is not humane to the American citizens who are concerned about the pandemic and the economy. Keeping people who are from this country safe should be the president’s number one priority at all times.

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