Biden Admin Member Accused of Startling Violation

( – The Hatch Act of 1939 prohibits federal employees from engaging in certain political activities to ensure they perform their duties in a nonpartisan fashion. The act also serves to guarantee federal employees’ advancement is based on merit and not their political affiliation. A nonprofit watchdog group filed an official complaint accusing a Biden administration official of violating the act in a stunning move.

The Western Journal reported on March 24 that Americans for Public Trust formally accused Housing and Urban Development head Marcia Fudge of violating the Hatch Act during a White House press briefing last Thursday.

A reporter asked her who she thought should run on the Democratic ticket in 2022 for retiring Sen. Rob Portman (D-OH). She responded that she had a couple of friends who were considering a bid for that seat. She named Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Nan Whaley, the Democratic mayor of Dayton, Ohio.

As a former congresswoman, Fudge should be well-acquainted with the Hatch Act. Yet, she went ahead and offered an informal endorsement for two possible Democratic candidates for office.

Unfortunately, violations of the Hatch Act are an administrative matter handled by a federal administrative agency. It will ultimately be up to President Biden to decide what, if any, action to take against Fudge.

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