Biden Administration Confirms Raising Refugee Admissions Cap to 125,000

Refugee Admissions Cap Raised to 125,000 By Biden Administration

( – Joe Biden campaigned for President on a promise to pursue policies that would provide a “fair and just” immigration system. As part of that plan, he vowed to “reassert” the nation’s “commitment” to refugees and asylum-seekers. It appears the President is now ready to do his best to fulfill that vow by raising the admissions cap for the new fiscal year.

The Department of State announced the submission of the annual Proposed Refugee Admissions report to Congress for the fiscal year 2022 on Monday. The Departments of State, Homeland Security (DHS), and Health and Human Services (HHS) all contributed to drafting the recommendations embodied in the report.

The report recommends increasing the refugee admissions target to 125,000 for 2022. This proposed increase in the refugee caps represents a radical departure from the position taken by former President Donald Trump’s administration. It recommended a cap of 15,000, which Congress granted. However, in May 2021, Biden increased the limit to 162,500.

If Congress agrees to Biden’s proposal, the new refugee caps would include:

  • 40,000 from Africa
  • 35,000 from South Asia and the Near East
  • 15,000 from East Asia
  • 15,000 from the Caribbean and Latin America
  • 10,000 from Central Asia and Europe
  • 10,000 held in reserve for any region reaching the cap before the end of Fiscal Year 2022

It remains unclear exactly why the Biden administration wants to raise the refugee limit so high for 2022. The State Department’s Refugee Processing Center reported that as of August 31, 2021, the U.S. has only admitted a total of 7,637 refugees.

Perhaps, Biden anticipates increased refugee migration as a result of the ending U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the crisis at the nation’s southern border continues to increase, calling into question the validity of such a massive increase in authorized entry into the U.S.

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