Biden Administration Preventing Conservative News Coverage

( – Complaints regarding the lack of transparency by the Biden White House aren’t anything new. After all, it took Biden over two months to hold his first in-person press conference.

Chanel Rion, OANN’s chief White House correspondent, gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the Biden administration’s press office during a March 30 news segment.

As Rion explained, OANN President Charles Herring sent a letter to White House press secretary Jen Psaki asking her for a meeting to discuss ways his network could better cover the White House. However, his request received no response, not even when Rion hand-delivered it to the White House press office.

OANN also sent a regular stream of questions to the White House press office but did not receive any response as was sometimes customary with Biden’s and other administrations. However, the White House press secretary says she encourages news outlets to submit questions in advance. That’s likely so she could pick and choose whom to call on and to prepare for questions before the live session.

Rion reported that they aren’t the only news organization snubbed by the White House. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, three known networks, including one liberal-leaning one, told OANN that the Biden administration’s response rate to basic questions “has been virtually non-existent.”

As Rion concluded, the Biden White House has proven itself to be “neither transparent nor unifying.”

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