Biden Administration Provided List of Americans, Afghan Allies to the Taliban

Biden Administration Provided List of Americans, Afghan Allies to the Taliban

( – Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul continues to experience chaos and violence days after Taliban soldiers seized control. US troops currently rely on the Taliban to provide security at Hamid Karzai International Airport as they attempt to complete final evacuation efforts. However, a disturbing new report revealed the full extent that US forces are relying on the Taliban to achieve that mission.

On Thursday, August 26, Politico reported that three anonymous sources said US officials gave Taliban leaders a list of evacuees to speed up the effort to get American citizens and Afghans out of the country before the August 31 deadline.

Biden administration officials downplayed the situation, claiming it was the only way to ensure the safe passage of individuals through Taliban security checkpoints.

However, other US officials, bipartisan lawmakers, and military leaders alike criticized the decision as a terrible foreign policy move that could put those individuals’ lives in harm’s way.

A Defense Department source said the Taliban could use the information to compile a “kill list.” It is “appalling and shocking,” the anonymous official stated.

Former US Representative and CIA officer Will Hurd (R-TX) accused the Biden administration of “the kind of incompetence” that could get people killed. He added that it shows the officials have “no real plan” to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies.

President Biden denied having specific knowledge about the list during a White House press conference but conceded it could have happened.

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