Biden Admits “Who Gets to Count the Vote” Matters

Biden Admits

( – Approximately every decade, state leaders redraw political lines in districts all around the United States. The results of those new maps go a long way in determining the balance of power in some of the highest offices in the land. The point is to keep the scales fair and ensure every voter has a voice. However, on December 14, President Joe Biden made a speech at a Democratic National Committee event stating it’s not who gets to vote or how easy it is to cast a ballot, but who gets to count the votes — and if individual votes count at all — that really matters.

He went on to denounce “voter suppression and subversion,” saying it’s “un-American, un-democratic, and unpatriotic.”

Voting Rights and Legislation

States have been hard at work rebuilding congressional districts and passing laws some feel make voting more difficult. In fact, the Brennan Center for Justice alleges between January and September, 19 states passed 33 laws making it more difficult for people to cheat at the polls. On the other hand, they cite the passage of 62 laws across half the states in the union, to expand voting access.

Meanwhile, Democrats are focusing on passing voter legislation at the federal level, even going so far as to challenge the filibuster to remove any opposition to proposals. Their move is in response to Republican changes at the state level and suspected gerrymandering of district lines to favor the Right. The president stepped in to say there’s nothing more important to the US than voting rights. Several Senators on the Left are optimistic about their legislative success despite Republican attempts to keep voting tallies legitimate.

Thoughts Ahead of the Midterms

Civil rights groups and Democrats are showing concerns about Georgia and Texas in particular — even though their new laws are less restrictive than New York’s. They feel new election laws passed this year will make it challenging for minorities to vote in elections, thereby silencing their collective voices. The courts do not agree as challenges to the new laws have been defeated.

Unfortunately for the Left, the filibuster stopped Congress from passing the Freedom to Vote Act, which would outrank any voting laws passed on the state level.

Although most Republicans believe the filibuster should stay in place, there are at least two Democrats who historically agree with them – Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). Senator Sinema feels removing the provision, which is designed to prevent a party with a slim majority from imposing their will on the people, would hurt the Senate.

Even though the filibuster will likely stay in place, it isn’t stopping lawmakers from zeroing in on voting laws. Although the president recently questioned if every vote counts, it appears most legislators are working hard to make sure they do.

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