Biden and French President Macron Hold Peacemaking Call

Biden and French President Macron Hold Peacemaking Call

( – France is the United States’ oldest ally. It’s reasonable to say that without French intervention during the Revolutionary War, America may not have been able to beat the British. President Biden recently did something that caused a crack in that relationship, and now he’s trying to repair the damage with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Last week, the Biden administration announced a new Indo-Pacific defense deal between the U.S., U.K., and Australia. The agreement led to the cancelation of a $65-billion submarine contract between a French company and the Australian government. French President Macron was so angry about the deal that he called his ambassador to Washington back home.

On Wednesday, September 22, Biden and Macron finally spoke on the phone. The US president reportedly admitted he should have included his French counterpart in the discussions instead. The two world leaders are now planning to meet in October.

The rift between the U.S. and France was reportedly a long time coming. Macron was allegedly also upset with the way Biden handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The American president rejected pleas from Macron and others to extend the deadline for withdrawal.

As the October meeting approaches, there are concerns that Biden could do something else to further damage America’s relationship with its oldest ally.

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