Biden Announces Gun Control Action

( – Democrats have been fighting to pass gun control legislation for years, but Republicans have always stood firmly in their way. Every time a mass shooting happens in America, the Left tries to capitalize off of it to infringe on the gun rights of the law abiding American people. Most recently, several incidents across the country have put a spotlight on the issue.

After the shootings in Colorado and Georgia the president called on the Senate to pass gun control legislation. Republicans said it wasn’t going to happen and Democrats do not have enough votes to get past the filibuster. So, Biden decided to take matters into his own hands.

Second Amendment Infringement

Speaking in the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, April 8, Biden said the gun violence in the US is an “embarrassment.” He announced a number of executive actions to control guns, but before he did, he claimed that none of the directives would infringe on the Second Amendment. Of course, that wasn’t true.

The president said his first priority is to begin treating “ghost guns” the same as other firearms, including requiring background checks to purchase them and he said the parts must have a serial number. Ghost guns are homemade and do not usually have serial numbers.

Biden also directed the Department of Justice to publish a model for red flag law legislation that states could use as a guideline to publish their own laws. Red flag laws allow police to confiscate weapons without a hearing where gun owners are able to defend themselves. The president is ordering the federal government to regulate stabilizing braces for pistols.

Finally, Biden asked the DOJ to publish an annual report on firearms trafficking and called on Congress to take legislative steps to control guns.

Gun control activists are already calling the executive actions unconstitutional. The NRA said Biden is trying to destroy the Second Amendment. His actions do nothing to stop the bad guys with guns. Instead, he is taking away the good guy’s right of self defense.

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