Biden Approval Rating Won’t Improve, Remains at Shocking New Lows

Biden Approval Rating Won't Improve, Remains at Shocking New Lows

( – President Joe Biden’s approval ratings tanked during his botched troop withdrawal and civilian evacuations from Afghanistan in August. So naturally, everyone expected his numbers to improve as that’s the usual pattern, but they haven’t. A new report discussed some of the reasons why.

Noted polling website FiveThirtyEight published a detailed analysis of President Joe Biden’s recent polling on Wednesday, October 6. According to staff writer Nathaniel Rakich, Biden’s honeymoon period with American voters ended this summer.

Biden’s average job approval rating was 52.3% when he reached his half-year anniversary since his inauguration on January 20. His disapproval average stood at 42.5%. Those figures remained relatively stable throughout his first semester in office.

However, his numbers started crashing in late July. FiveThirtyEight attributed the drop to rising COVID-19 infections as the Delta variant swept across the country. Several states reimposed quarantines and other restrictions, elevating concerns about another economic crash and increasing inflation.

FiveThirtyEight reported Biden’s approval rating had plummeted 2.3% by mid-August, and his disapproval rose by 1.3% to 43.8%. Then, the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan’s presidential palace on August 15. The resulting crisis in the war-torn country appeared to increase the rapid fall of Biden’s approval rating.

By early September, Biden’s approval had dropped to 45%, and his disapproval rose past it to 49.1%. Analysts at FiveThirtyEight at the time theorized Biden’s numbers would quickly recover once the news media turned its attention to something other than the Afghan crisis. However, as of October 5, Biden’s approval rating hit 44.8%, with 47.9% disapproving of his job performance.

As FiveThirtyEight already demonstrated, predicting polling trends is easier said than done. Perhaps American voters’ memories aren’t as short as some had hoped?

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